How to do a hair cellophane treatment and hair coloring tips by staff writer.

Published: 22nd February 2011
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When was your last visit to a salon? You would probably have to visit your favorite beauty house to give you a hair cellophane treatment, especially now that your hair looks so dull. But more than making your hair look vibrant, a hair cellophane treatment has still more to offer you.

Before anything else, what is a cellophane hair treatment, anyway? Hair cellophane treatment is a special hair care method that uses semi-permanent hair color material that is specially formulated to provide color for the hair without actually using the damaging pigments in a hair dye. The special substance used for this process has the ability to be deposited into your hair. Even dry and weak hair gets saturated with this substance of semi-permanent hair color.

The substance is then locked up in the hair. This explains why it is called "cellophane" hair treatment--the process involves the protection of hair follicles and locking up the substance in it, just like common cellophane. After this treatment, your hair will look shinier and fuller than ever before. You may even be amazed to have the same fabulous hair as Fudge's models. As mentioned, this treatment adds color to the hair. That becomes possible because cellophane treatment makes your natural hair color become more energetic.

Here are some hair coloring tips for doing cellophane treatment.

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You can also do cellophane hair treatment all by yourself, in the comfort of your home. The process is very easy. You just need to buy cellophane treatment product from any hair care provider. Fudge may have this, or you can check out other stores.

You need to apply the product to your damp hair. Leave it there for about 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing out the hair thoroughly. You may use shampoo or a moisturizing conditioner after rinsing. For better results, you may use a dryer for better absorption of the special cellophane substance. After that, you're ready for hair styling. The hair cellophane treatment helps in easier hair styling, especially for curly hair.

Other salons may add this treatment to their professional hair color or hair color correction options. The cellophane treatment enhances the professional hair coloring to look a lot better, unlike other hair color correction treatments that can cause hair to dry out. But since this treatment is a semi-permanent hair coloring, chances are that the shiny hair you will have will soon be back to dry and dull hair. You can always get the same hair care treatment if you want.

There are other hair care tips you can also try. The use of shampoo and conditioner can help to moisturize the hair, making it look healthier. You may also try deep conditioning of your hair at least once a week. Add some regular hair trims too. For instant shiny hair without the cellophane, you can just use shine enhancing spray. The formulation for these sprays contain oil, so it will not be good to over-use it, or else your hair will look too oily.

These hair coloring tips should help you do cellophane treatment. Hair cellophane treatment is only one of the many hair care tips you can do for lovelier hair. But it is best that you use natural solutions, because these are safer, and most of the time, more effective.

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